How To Get Unlimited Traffic On Website | NINJA BHULLAR

How To Get Unlimited Traffic On Website | NINJA BHULLAR

How To Get Unlimited Traffic On Website | Free Website Traffic Generator 2021

Follow This Video to Get Unlimited Traffic On Website

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Easy And Free

1, Forever Free,No Registration.
2, Free&Full Support Service.
3, Switch Traffic and Integral Mode.

Real And Effective
1, Mutual visit for traffic in different region.
2, Visit with browser under rule control.
3, Flexible use for different requirement.

Safe And Reliable
1, Chrome Blink Core,No Virus No Trojan.
2, Filter Sound,Block Pop-ups.
3, Professional Team,Continual Upgrade.


  1. Running Status:It shows status divided into normal,limit,failure.Pls click Fix button to check what's wrong if status's not normal,then solve the
  2. Running Mode:It's divided into Traffic Mode and Integral Mode.User can get traffic in Traffic Mode,points in Integral Mode.Registeration user
    could get service with point.
  3. Settings:It includes Auto-Run,Show Tray Icon,UI hide/Show Shortcut,Auto shutdown functions etc.
  4. Number:It's unique number allocated by software after added every site.Pls provide the number to query the status when contacting with
    customer service.You could click Number to paste site to clipboard.
  5. My Site:By default,software will visit subpage at random after added sites to need traffic.User could click the site to change setting.
  6. Time(min):It's total time Spirit spent on site every day,fox example:daily traffic is 100 IP,time 2 min for every IP,then total time is 200 min.
  7. Today Traffic:It's two group of data,the former shows traffic has bee used for site,the later shows traffic to be needed today.It takes IP as unit.
  8. Status:It's two group of data,the former shows proportion of successful visit on My Site,the later shows time to open My Site.
  9. Site Control:It shows status of site being online,Online,Stop/Start and Del.It will get traffic when site being online.
  10. Set/Export:You can change all kinds of setting for site and export,also load the setting into testing tool to check if it's right.
  11. Available Visit Time(min):It's allocated as per PC configuration(CPU and Memory).It will be consumed when adding sites.
  12. Number of Sites:It's addible.Number will be same in every software.
  13. Add Site:You can add site to need traffic in the list and make details when adding sites.

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